Forgotten Heresy

Cleansing Stern Hope

Second Session

The squad woke to a warm, dry morning. With the obvious step of escaping from the prison accomplished, the next only destination with obvious purpose was the city of Port Suffering. Before they could make any way, they encountered and routed an entire Tau strike team.

The trip fro the Wall to Port Suffering is normally accomplished by a quick speeder ride or a messy drive over the salt flats, but neither were an option. Instead, they journeyed south along the slower path. South of the mountains, this way was spotted with rolling hills, light tree cover, and concealment from the scrutiny of the Tau.

Two unusual finds along the way:
  • several Eldar scouts found dead, perhaps victim of an ambush or treachery
  • squad of Iron Hands, found dead, killed by some powerful weapon

Before the team could cross the distance, they were found and cornered by an immense force of the Tau.

Tau Force

Fortunately, the war host wasn’t seeking a fight and instead directed the team to the north, to get out of the wilderness. Ultimately, they met Seer Aristarchus and were lead to the fresh town of Stern Hope. Stern Hope can hardly be called a town, but rather a loose gathering of tents and pre-fab structures around the construction of a Shrine to Saint Drusus. An impressive cathedral was being built to honor the Saint, but not all was well.

The town was recently periled by attacks, supernatural attacks, and ominous portents. The locals, lead by Esha Raine and Warchief Kos’ke warned against the placement of the Shrine in this valley. The team, stuck in town, searched out clues.

Long story short, a daemonic plot was discovered and defeated in a climactic confrontation in the completed Cathedral. Abbot Skae was possessed and nearly succeeded in his diabolical plan! But the intrepid efforts of the varied team defeated him and the mysterious daemon trying to burst throw: The Crow Father.

Daemonic Possession



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