Forgotten Heresy

Escape from the Wall

First Session

Everyone had reasons, but many were stranded within the monstrous prison complex that is The Wall when the Tau struck Tyllus III. The prison contains scum, enemies of the Imperium, and the loyal.

The Iron Father, on mission for the Iron Hands and also seeking his grand-son. The shy scientist, seeking a new home away from accusations of heresy. The stranded Eldar warp spider, seeking a powerful psyker to fulfill the needs of her Craftworld. The unstasble Psyker, seeking real Faith to guide his thoughts. The lone Sister of Battle, seeking wisdom beyond the Faith of Men.

All where driven together by purpose. As the battle raged above for control of the planet, the prison itself fell into chaos as the guards fled. The unusual collection of heroes formed and began traveling through the Wall. They fought against a corrupted Psyker and gang bangers. Eventually they resolved to escape down the bottom of the prison.

Along the way, they picked up some prisoners who also wanted to escape:
  • Scrumz
  • Hathor
  • Foxxie
  • Stophos
  • Halldritch
  • Fluffier
  • Graal (Ogryn)

Near the bottom, they party encountered the small Ultramarines insurgency lead by Battle Brother Stellus. The Spare Marine captain “requested” the assistance of some of the rag-tag force to join his force, and Halldritch, Fluffier, and Graal were hence conscripted.

Moving on, the team found themselves among immense, impossible machinery. Maybe of Imperium design, but of an age forgotten and its use lost with time. The Machine Spirit was lacking entirely from the great industrial machines (think the machinery inside of a dam), due perhaps due to neglect and long time of non-use. A small band of smugglers had taken up camp among those halls of machines.

Finally, they were free of the prison. A short skip, and they found themselves on top of the ravine that held The Wall. They stared in awe at the massive Tau fleet that hung stationary over the town of Port Suffering. Night came.

Tau Ship over Port Suffering



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