Forgotten Heresy

The Great Machine

Third Session

As team considered what to make of the now purposeless people of Stern Hope, their contemplation was interrupted by a communication disruption. And a communication disruption can only mean one thing: invasion.

Sky Drop

The falling object was a ship, and quickly identified as a Space Marine Thunderbird. During its erratic descent, the nearby valance of Tau opened fire upon the descending ship. Thunderous AA fire peppered the craft. With reckless abandon, the Thunderchicken crashed high in the mountains, near Stern Hope.

Unable to contact them on the radio, the team departed quickly to investigate the crash and search for survivors. In the shattered remains of the crashed craft, they found not the Space Marines expected but instead a moderate force of Space Orks instead!

Space Orks!

A scuffle ensued! The uncountable hordes of the Orks were no match to the swift blade of the Sister, the eldritch witchery of the Eldar, and the unending fire of the Iron Father. And maybe the smarts of the Psyker. Even the crazy crankery weaponry of the Mekka-Nob wasn’t sufficient, and he was routed to the horizon.

The next hint was a map found inside the crashed Thunderbird. The map lead higher into the peaks to a small man-made cave. The intrepid investigations of the Psyker and The Holy Sister triggered a round wormhole portal that teleported them right back to the ancient machinery that sat under The Wall. Further searching lead down, down, down. Finally a room with machinery that made sense was found.

Ring Room

The great control room featured two distinct features. First, a luminous ring of the light-carrying crystal that reaches through the planet. The ring hovers flatly in the center of the room, suspended in the air. A long console, a bit short for humans, presented the way to understand the ring.

The system came online with some finesse, and began explaining itself and its purpose: CLEANSE. A glimpse of the system’s various parts around the world revealed the immense extent of the worldwide machine. Portals linking together remote, disparate locations in an almost non-sensible layout. Upon request, a small drone from the machine appeared to provide guidance. But very quickly it went ugly, and fired upon Iron Father Prometheus Phoenixian. The drone relented and powered itself down upon request and the team departed the machine under the Wall and returned to the mountains.



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