Forgotten Heresy

The Great Machine
Third Session

As team considered what to make of the now purposeless people of Stern Hope, their contemplation was interrupted by a communication disruption. And a communication disruption can only mean one thing: invasion.

Sky Drop

The falling object was a ship, and quickly identified as a Space Marine Thunderbird. During its erratic descent, the nearby valance of Tau opened fire upon the descending ship. Thunderous AA fire peppered the craft. With reckless abandon, the Thunderchicken crashed high in the mountains, near Stern Hope.

Unable to contact them on the radio, the team departed quickly to investigate the crash and search for survivors. In the shattered remains of the crashed craft, they found not the Space Marines expected but instead a moderate force of Space Orks instead!

Space Orks!

A scuffle ensued! The uncountable hordes of the Orks were no match to the swift blade of the Sister, the eldritch witchery of the Eldar, and the unending fire of the Iron Father. And maybe the smarts of the Psyker. Even the crazy crankery weaponry of the Mekka-Nob wasn’t sufficient, and he was routed to the horizon.

The next hint was a map found inside the crashed Thunderbird. The map lead higher into the peaks to a small man-made cave. The intrepid investigations of the Psyker and The Holy Sister triggered a round wormhole portal that teleported them right back to the ancient machinery that sat under The Wall. Further searching lead down, down, down. Finally a room with machinery that made sense was found.

Ring Room

The great control room featured two distinct features. First, a luminous ring of the light-carrying crystal that reaches through the planet. The ring hovers flatly in the center of the room, suspended in the air. A long console, a bit short for humans, presented the way to understand the ring.

The system came online with some finesse, and began explaining itself and its purpose: CLEANSE. A glimpse of the system’s various parts around the world revealed the immense extent of the worldwide machine. Portals linking together remote, disparate locations in an almost non-sensible layout. Upon request, a small drone from the machine appeared to provide guidance. But very quickly it went ugly, and fired upon Iron Father Prometheus Phoenixian. The drone relented and powered itself down upon request and the team departed the machine under the Wall and returned to the mountains.

Cleansing Stern Hope
Second Session

The squad woke to a warm, dry morning. With the obvious step of escaping from the prison accomplished, the next only destination with obvious purpose was the city of Port Suffering. Before they could make any way, they encountered and routed an entire Tau strike team.

The trip fro the Wall to Port Suffering is normally accomplished by a quick speeder ride or a messy drive over the salt flats, but neither were an option. Instead, they journeyed south along the slower path. South of the mountains, this way was spotted with rolling hills, light tree cover, and concealment from the scrutiny of the Tau.

Two unusual finds along the way:
  • several Eldar scouts found dead, perhaps victim of an ambush or treachery
  • squad of Iron Hands, found dead, killed by some powerful weapon

Before the team could cross the distance, they were found and cornered by an immense force of the Tau.

Tau Force

Fortunately, the war host wasn’t seeking a fight and instead directed the team to the north, to get out of the wilderness. Ultimately, they met Seer Aristarchus and were lead to the fresh town of Stern Hope. Stern Hope can hardly be called a town, but rather a loose gathering of tents and pre-fab structures around the construction of a Shrine to Saint Drusus. An impressive cathedral was being built to honor the Saint, but not all was well.

The town was recently periled by attacks, supernatural attacks, and ominous portents. The locals, lead by Esha Raine and Warchief Kos’ke warned against the placement of the Shrine in this valley. The team, stuck in town, searched out clues.

Long story short, a daemonic plot was discovered and defeated in a climactic confrontation in the completed Cathedral. Abbot Skae was possessed and nearly succeeded in his diabolical plan! But the intrepid efforts of the varied team defeated him and the mysterious daemon trying to burst throw: The Crow Father.

Daemonic Possession

Escape from the Wall
First Session

Everyone had reasons, but many were stranded within the monstrous prison complex that is The Wall when the Tau struck Tyllus III. The prison contains scum, enemies of the Imperium, and the loyal.

The Iron Father, on mission for the Iron Hands and also seeking his grand-son. The shy scientist, seeking a new home away from accusations of heresy. The stranded Eldar warp spider, seeking a powerful psyker to fulfill the needs of her Craftworld. The unstasble Psyker, seeking real Faith to guide his thoughts. The lone Sister of Battle, seeking wisdom beyond the Faith of Men.

All where driven together by purpose. As the battle raged above for control of the planet, the prison itself fell into chaos as the guards fled. The unusual collection of heroes formed and began traveling through the Wall. They fought against a corrupted Psyker and gang bangers. Eventually they resolved to escape down the bottom of the prison.

Along the way, they picked up some prisoners who also wanted to escape:
  • Scrumz
  • Hathor
  • Foxxie
  • Stophos
  • Halldritch
  • Fluffier
  • Graal (Ogryn)

Near the bottom, they party encountered the small Ultramarines insurgency lead by Battle Brother Stellus. The Spare Marine captain “requested” the assistance of some of the rag-tag force to join his force, and Halldritch, Fluffier, and Graal were hence conscripted.

Moving on, the team found themselves among immense, impossible machinery. Maybe of Imperium design, but of an age forgotten and its use lost with time. The Machine Spirit was lacking entirely from the great industrial machines (think the machinery inside of a dam), due perhaps due to neglect and long time of non-use. A small band of smugglers had taken up camp among those halls of machines.

Finally, they were free of the prison. A short skip, and they found themselves on top of the ravine that held The Wall. They stared in awe at the massive Tau fleet that hung stationary over the town of Port Suffering. Night came.

Tau Ship over Port Suffering


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