Cold Tirade System

System Information

The Cold Tirade system is isolated from the Imperium by the encompassing Cold Tirade Nebula which prevents traditional Warp travel to and from. The nebula is incredibly perilous to slow traffic as well, with only a small minority of automated probes ever reaching the world.

All traffic to the system is achieved through a pair of crafted Warp Portals that allow rapid transit between the Cold Tirade System and Ukkon System. The gates are a great mystery, but their effectiveness is undeniable and they have been used consistently for generations with only mild interruptions. The local populace has named the gates the Impetus Halo.


Name Position Climate Population
Tyllus II 1 Volcanic Human Outpost
Tyllus Prime 2 Temperate Uncountable Orks
Tyllus III 3 Arid 2bn Humans
Tyllus IV 4 Gaseous Gas Mining Colony

The system is primarily governed by His Grace, Governor Russalka of the Administrium. Exports include rare gases (from IV), metals (from Prime), and the unusual light-carrying crystal (from III). Imports are prisoners. The Ultramarines have a continuing presence in the system as the occasionally seek recruits from “The Wall” prison on Tyllus III.

Cold Tirade System

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