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Game This is a game of heroes. Good guys, fighting the good fight. Injustice, apathy, misunderstanding as great foes as daemons, traitors, and armadas. The setting is Warhammer 40,000 and heavily inspired by the source material found in the tabletop campaign materials, Dark Heresy, and Dawn of War. The game system of choice is Marvel’s stone-based rules.

Setting The game begins on the planet Tyllus III in the Cold Tirade System. A colony world of the Imperium with a mere 2 billion souls, its isolation has left it vulnerable to attack. The Tau Empire has seized the moment and invaded the system, quickly overrunning the Imperial defenses and sending the Space Marines forces into hiding.


Name Position Climate Population
Tyllus II 1 Volcanic Human Outpost
Tyllus Prime 2 Temperate Uncountable Orks
Tyllus III 3 Arid 2bn Humans
Tyllus IV 4 Gaseous Gas Mining Colony
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